- The notation of e^ix, it's necessary

23. November. 2019 

ZKM - Zentrun für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe 

produced by ZKM | Hertz-Lab

Giga-Hertz-Presis im ZKM Karlsruhe verliehen  SWR.DE 

“We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom” - E. O. Wilson

The countless information within enormous bounds and the extremely fast speed of changing world are not only story in a media but our existing world.  Based on the current consideration, how does our perception affect to our lives? Conceivably, our awareness be may surrounded by the massive noises. Throughout this work, we will discover the insight of our life, wisdom, under the noise in which the sound and its information, that’s generated by AI technology, which describes the advanced technology and information of the future. The title , <e^ix, it’s necessary>, indicates the arbitrary point of the cycle, which was borrowed from Euler’s formula. Clear perception of a arbitrary point, e^ix, supply an attitude that distinguishes the signal from the noise, and perhaps this might be the only way to distinguish between information and wisdom.

10^-33cm + e^ix, it's necessary

archive video for audio-visual live-performance


The aforementioned performance had put to use one speaker to each performer.

It was operated with two speakers, one woofer and three displays.

Research Process in Machine Learning

e^ix, it’s necessary, its working process utilized through the machine learning algorithm. For that, we set up a virtual space with a radius of 10 mm. And based on the Helmholtz resonator model, we were able to obtain 1,638,963,344,932,416 resonant frequency data set that could occur in this space. We named it THR Resonator. 


resonance frequency test summer 2019, ZKM 

produced : GRAYCODE, jiiiiin

THR Resonator and its data collection

produced : GRAYCODE, jiiiiin

3d modeling of THR Resonator :  유상욱