Jinhee Jung (1988, KR) known as jiiiiin is the electronic composer and the sound artist creating works that are inspired by the scientific and sociological theory for the understanding of the time, space and the present.

The Birth of Time, 2018 GRAYCODE, jiiiiin


Time In Ignorance, ∆T≤720


composition for various media


presentation on web-page 


e^ix, it's necessary


data composition

live-perforamce, audio-visual 

GRAYCODE, jiiiiin


As a computer music composer, GRAYCODE and jiiiiin, have been working the collaboration in the field of sound and new media. 

These two artists manage on various media in the form of sound, video, installation, and sculpture through their individual works, and also have been succeeding in an audio-visual art as a part of the group work, 'GRAYCODE, jiiiiin'.